Honors at Atlantic Cape

The Honors Program is designed for students who excel academically and who want to work more intensely in a small class environment with honors faculty who are accomplished experts in their field. Honors courses do not require more work; the purpose of an Honors course is to offer high achieving students the opportunity to participate in engaging and creative learning environments that extend beyond those of the regular classroom. 荣誉课程将包括通识教育课程的特殊部分. 荣誉课程不收取额外费用. 荣誉课程是学生成功计划的一部分. Honors prepares students to transfer to competitive four-year colleges and universities. 荣誉课程的好处是:

  • 成绩单上的荣誉称号
  • Small class size
  • 荣誉教师谁是在各自领域的专家
  • 转学至四年制院校
  • Advising by honors faculty
  • 有机会参加新濠天地网页登录大学的国家荣誉协会, 包括Phi Theta Kappa和Sigma Kappa Delta
  • 为奖学金、转学和职业提供简历
  • Honors lounge

Professor Stephanie Natale-Boianelli, Honors Coordinator



要修荣誉课程,你必须 one of the following:
1. 3.5 cumulative GPA
2. OR Faculty recommendation
3. OR Advisor recommendation
报名,请发邮件给荣誉顾问 Jessica Reynolds or Honors Coordinator Stephanie Natale-Boianelli. 如果你有兴趣参加荣誉课程,但不符合要求, 联系荣誉协调员.



  • 课程内容的专门方法, 哪个可以作为课程主题, an emphasis on primary texts, more creative assignments, etc.;
  • A challenging but reasonable workload since Atlantic Cape honors courses use the same goals, objectives, 以及所有非荣誉课程的评估标准;
  • 一个由积极主动的学生组成的课堂社区;
  • A small class size that promotes opportunity for participation and individual feedback;
  • An accessible professor who is both an expert in the course material and knowledgeable about Atlantic Cape;
  • 还有和这位教授的师徒关系, 谁将在学期中和学期结束后成为你的指导和资源.


  • Be invested and engaged in the classroom community, having a natural curiosity and love of learning;
  • Be an active participant in the classroom and course, including discussion and group work;
  • Make the time commitment needed to master the course goals and objectives and craft excellent work;
  • 自我指导,积极主动的学习者,有很强的时间管理能力.

在这里查看我们的春季产品: Spring 2024 Honors Courses


看看荣誉学生所做的一些工作 Honors Gallery!


Congratulations to Alexis Cabrera and Harper Showalter who have been named to the 2023 New Jersey All-State Academic Team. This recognition by the New Jersey Council of County Colleges (NJCCC) honors the outstanding achievements and service of two Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) honor society members from each county college. 在2022- 2022学年, Alexis served as the Vice-President of Fellowship and Harper served as the Public Relations Officer of Atlantic Cape’s Alpha Delta Mu chapter of PTK. They were honored by the Atlantic Cape Board of Trustees on April 25th and by the NJCCC during the New Jersey Community College Scholars Celebration on April 27th at the New Jersey State Museum in Trenton.


Honors Sociology ClassProfessor Julie Heiland’s Honors Principles of Sociology students shared their honors work, 包括他们的个人实地考察和研究论文, through class presentations. 其中最精彩的是他们的家庭民俗访谈. Catherine Yang shared her family’s Korean Roman Catholic background through traditional dress and very old family pictures while Emma Robinson shared an old address book in which her grandfather wrote down the family’s language traditions. Anthony Roman shared his Guatemalan family’s tradition of being woken up on birthdays by a mariachi band, and Diandra Torres brought in flan cake from her mother’s recipe to share her Puerto Rican background. 荣誉社会学学生演讲Grace Foster shared her family’s Greek traditions and the history of her originally German last name. Nadine Hollis-Turner brought in a South African Milk Tart and shared the story of her family’s forced segregation during apartheid while Ian Provenzano shared his discovery of his half-siblings through a 23 & Me test. These examples give you just a taste of all the ways these honors students broadened one another’s worldviews. (更多关于荣誉工作的信息,请访问 News & 荣誉活动页面@新濠天地网页登录.)

Phi Theta Kappa入会典礼 PTK成员合影留念

Atlantic Cape Community College’s Alpha Delta Mu chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) International Honor Society officially swore in its 2022-23 inductee class during its 44th Annual Induction Ceremony on Tuesday, November 15 in Walter E. 梅斯兰丁校区的边缘厅剧院. See the full story here.

More News & 从荣誉@新濠天地网页登录的事件

Website: http://www.ptk.org/
新濠天地网页登录分会顾问: Stephanie Natale-Boianelli
可以找到PTK奖学金的信息 here and at ptk.org.

PTK College Projects

Each year, 阿尔法德尔塔兄弟会的活跃成员, PTK的新濠天地网页登录分会, build a College Project. PTK学院项目响应校园社区的需求, particularly its students, 建立支持社区的资源. 在这里查看最近的项目:

2021-2022 Project: Resources for students applying for Atlantic Cape Scholarships including this essay writing workshop video: http://youtu.be/lBmKVshFaL8.

2022-2023 Project:
Part I was a series of peer-to-peer videos with advice to students taking online courses at Atlantic Cape. Check out the playlist here:
Alpha Delta Mu的在线闪耀指南:帮助您震撼课程的有用提示.

Part II--coming soon!



Website: http://www.english2.org/
新濠天地网页登录分会顾问: Vickie Melograno.

Honors Course Design

Often when high school honors students first consider a college or university Honors education, they may feel some reluctance to take on what they believe will be extra work or little more than an accelerated version of an already-fast-paced college education.

但是大学荣誉并不意味着要付出更多的努力. 这是真正以学生为中心的教育. It is meant to provide students with an education that helps them develop their own ideas rather than simply having them feed back information. It is about discussing issues and encouraging innovation in an atmosphere of open exchange, 学生的观点在哪里得到尊重. 荣誉课程强调多样化的视角, 跨学科课程, small classes, 以及学生和教授之间更多的互动. Honors education is about learning to think clearly, to write well, to argue thoughtfully. 它是关于充分开发学生的智力潜力.

Finally, students should bear in mind that the majority of their courses in college will not be Honors courses. 这些课程将是专业课程或自由选修课.

Honors Course Simplified

To keep this simple the definition to faculty is the one described by the Honors Coordinator at Mercer. 荣誉是一门传统课程加上h因子."

Usually that means that Honors students read more primary texts and are evaluated by writing and projects rather than scantron tests. 这门课也不是通过讲座进行的.

Mission Statement

Honors at Atlantic Cape provides an enriched academic experience to a select group of highly motivated students. Through a curriculum of Honors General Education courses that emphasize global awareness, cultural experiences, and local engagement, Atlantic Cape Honors students are challenged to connect their studies to the world beyond the campus. 通过促进合作学习和知识探究, Honors at Atlantic Cape prepares students for transfer to competitive four-year colleges and universities, 以及21世纪的公民身份.


Website: http://www.nchchonors.org/